Karn, with its jungle flora and fauna.
Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Appears normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Warm
Population Unknown
Species Animals of all kinds
Society None, but Furbanna has her base at the planet.
Government Galactic Alliance-ruled
Technology Unknown
Production Details
First Appearance The Beasts of Karn
Last Appearance Return to Karn

Karn is often referred to as the most dangerous planet in the galaxy due to the vicious animals that inhabit it. In light of this fact, many people prefer to avoid Karn entirely. However, Karn is also an animal preserve where poaching is considered a galactic offense. It is currently under the supervision of Dr. Ozma Furbanna.


Observing the planet from space, Karn has a purple-blue coloration. Upon descending into the planet's atmosphere, however, the terrain is a mixture of green jungles and swamps, along with a few mountain ranges situated on the edges of the jungle. Karn is infamous for its dangerous wildlife. Despite this, the planet is not completely devoid of civilization. Ozma Furbanna is the sole person known to be living on Karn, having dedicated her life to studying its animals and documenting them at her Bio-Station, which is in constant contact with Star Command. She also reports poachers, sometimes detaining them herself.


Not much is known of the planet's history, but it is known to be a haven for many endangered species from poachers.


Besides Ozma, the only real inhabitants on Karn are the animals. They range from flying bat-like creatures to dinosaur-like creatures, animals that are waterbound, and parasites.

See Karn Species for list.


After morning feeding, there is a two-hour safety window while the animals digest.

Poaching is a galactic offense, and one of Ozma's many tasks in safeguarding Karn is to deal with poachers.

Ozma tags animals to study their migratory habits.


  • (Speculation) The name "Karn" most likely came from "carnivore".




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