Portal Jo-Adian
Biological Information
Homeworld Jo-Ad
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Huge size and strength
Weaknesses Low intelligence, lack of technology.
Physical Description
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black on pink or yellow
Skin Color Mottled red and burgundy
Characteristics Large bodies, pointed ears, and short arms.
Political Information
Affiliation Good
Allies Star Command, Galactic Alliance
Enemies Zurg
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance 42

Jo-Adians are a race of large dinosaur-like creatures living on the planet Jo-Ad. These are Booster Munchapper's race, and are famous for their agricultural ways.


Typical Jo-Adians are large, round, and often colored different shade of red. They are usually heavily built, with some Jo-Adians weighing up to 500 UMMUs (Universal Mass Measuring Units). They are capable of consuming what most would consider large amounts of food in one sitting. Despite their appetite and what appears to be an predisposition towards being overweight,, the majority of their body mass is in fact muscle. Their brains are not entirely in their heads, with some portions existing in their hindquarters.[1]

During the bunzel harvesting season, if a Jo-Adian do not help with the harvest, they develop bunzel fever and turn physically monstrous and mistake everything they see for a bunzel to be harvested.[2]This odd phenomenon is never explained.

They all possess super strength.


Jo-Adians evolved from large ankylosaurus-like creatures as seen in Devolutionaries.


Jo-Andian culture is rarely touched upon in the series, although the planet seems largely built on Agricultural values.


It is unknown if Jo-Adians have any government.


Presumably none as no military forces were seen during the attacks on the planet.

Notable Jo-Adians

Jo-Adian Homeworld


  • Jo-Adians appear to rarely leave their planet. The only off-world Jo-Adian ever seen is Space Ranger Booster Munchapper, while his family and friends appear to rarely, if ever leave their home planet.


Dino Booster


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