Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Warm
Population Unknown
Species Jo-Adians
Society Under construction
Government Unknown
Technology Agricultural
Production Details
First Appearance Root of Evil
Last Appearance N/A

Jo-Ad is the farming center of the Galactic Alliance. It is home to the Jo-Adians.


Possessing two suns, Jo-Ad is a rural planet that specializes in agriculture.


Little is known of the planet's history, but it is known that its population mostly consists of farmers.


Main article: Jo-Adian

The planet's dominant species are large red aliens called Jo-Adians, many of which can be considered "gentle giants".

Booster and his family live here.


Most of the inhabitants live a farming lifestyle. Their principle crop is the bunzel which they use in many recipes such as bunzelberry pie. 

Fauna include: Jo-ad rabbit-like creatures with wings, bunzel bees, and moozles.

Silo on Jo-Ad-jpg (2)


  • If one were to look closely, they would find that the name Jo-Ad, when the hyphen is removed, is the word, Joad, which is a reference to the Joad family in author John Steinbeck's classic novel, "The Grapes of Wrath". [1]



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