Infinity and Beyond
Infinityandbeyond cover
Author Frank Berrios
Illustrator BKN
Publisher Random House
Publication Date January 2002
Reading Level Ages 4-8
Page Number 16 pages
Dimensions 8.2 x 0.1 x 11 inches
Shipping Weight 2.9 ounces
  • 0736412808
  • 9780736412803

Infinity and Beyond is a coloring book that introduces a few of the main characters and story elements. It was written by Frank Berrios, illustrated by BKN, and published by Random House.

It is 16 pages in total and includes a large galaxy fold-out, depicting Star Command, Cosmo's Cosmic Diner, a few unidentified planets, and Zurg's Dreadnought. It also includes a back cover with characters that you can cut out and use on the fold-out.


Small character blurbs accompany pictures of Buzz Lightyear, Evil Emperor Zurg, Mira Nova, Booster Munchapper and XR. Story blurbs depict how Zurg conducts his evil plans from Planet Z with the help of his Hornets, but Buzz defeats them all. One page depicts Buzz with the LGMs, and another has a blurb on Warp Darkmatter, along with two pages of Buzz and Warp fighting. One last page shows Buzz overpowering Zurg, and the last two depict Buzz again.


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