Humans, though never explicitly called such, are a prominent and diverse species.


They come in a variety of colors (mostly neutral colors such as tan, cream, and brown) and their skin can change tone depending on their exposure to the sun's rays (such as light-skinned humans tanning in the summer, and growing pale in the winter). Humans have hair on their heads, although some lose this hair to age (mostly men) or disease.

Adult males often have thick facial hair, usually grown into mustaches or beards. However, most males shave their facial hair off, or just shave parts of it to adjust their physical appearance.


Like some other species, for a long time they believed themselves to be the only life-forms in the universe, with only some suspecting that there may be other life forms "out there." However, after advancing their space-travel abilities, they soon found that there were indeed other species on other planets. How they handled this discovery is unknown. It is also unknown how long they remained in ignorance of other species for.


Females typically grow their hair out long, and some males choose to grow their hair out long as well, although this varies from location to location, as in some areas long hair is the norm, while in others, short hair is the norm for men.

Females are more likely to wear make-up than men (although Buzz Lightyear wore make-up when disguising as a Valkyran).


There were initially separated into separate "countries" but it is unknown if this is the case in the time period (and possibly, universe) the show takes place. When they were separated into countries, each country had it's own government, usually drastically different than other countries.

They currently seem to be part of the Galactic Alliance.


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Notable Humans


In the show, it is unknown if humans come from Earth or another planet. Humans seem to be present in many different areas of the galaxy.


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In order to illustrate the variety in human skin tones and traits, a gallery of human characters will be added for those unfamiliar with the human species.


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