Zurg's Hornets.

A Hornet is a type of robot and Zurg's staple military force. They are extremely expendable, incredibly lousy shots, and are limited in cognitive capabilities, possibly due to being mass produced.[1][2]

Appearance and capabilities

Hornets are yellow, bipedal machines with insectoid-like features, hence their namesake. Their hands can morph into triple-barrel laser cannons, which serve as their main weaponry. They are also capable of flight while in combat.

In addition to being used as foot soldiers and cannon fodder, Hornets are sometimes used by Zurg as infiltrators and spies.

Individually or in small groups, Hornets are quite easy to defeat due to their fragile structure and poor build. A single blast from a Space Ranger's wrist laser will destroy a Hornet instantly. In some cases, Space Rangers have beaten Hornets using hand-to-hand combat alone. Also, due to their limited intelligence, Hornets can be easily fooled or distracted. Only large groups of Hornets will actually pose a real danger.

There is a small version of them which can disguise as children with various shapes. Zurg has also created larger models such as the Hyper Hornet, Mega Hornet, and Grande Hornet.

Mini Hornet

A mini Hornet

In Revenge of the Monsters, some hornets were bitten by NOS-4-A2 himself and they turned into vampire hornets, which have their legs replaced with blue sharp-pointed torsos, as well as having blue cloaks, flying abilities, and (for some odd reason) have mouths with fangs in them.
Nos4a2 and Vampire Hornets

NOS-4-A2 and Vampire Hornets


  • According to The Good, the Bad, and the Robotic and the August 2000 issue of Disney Adventures, the Hornets are programmed to respond to every command with the phrase, "Obey Zurg!". However, they never spoke a word in the series.
  • The Hornets might be the characters which have the lowest intelligence and cognitive ablitives thoughout the cartoon series.
  • Beetles are essentially larger, differently-colored, better-equipped versions of the Hornets.


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