Portal Heed
Biological Information
Homeworld Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Weaknesses Arrogance, overconfidence
Physical Description
Average Height Unknown, but appears to be the same across the species.
Average Weight Unknown, but appears to be the same across the species.
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black on White
Skin Color Pale yellowish white
Characteristics Large heads and diminutive bodies
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Galactic Alliance

Team Lightyear Zurg

Production Details
First Appearance War and Peace and War
Last Appearance War and Peace and War

The Heed are an alien species from beyond the known galaxy.


They have large heads, pale green skin, and average-sized eyes. Their heads have some sort of frills on top.


It is known they tried to take over the galaxy by tricking LGMs and Grubs into dismantling weapons by creating a fictional higher being named Guzelian, who convinced them the time for peace is at hand. However, they were tricked into revealing the truth by Buzz Lightyear and Zurg, as both were suspicious of their intentions and suffering from the effects of the sudden peace-obsession in the galaxy.


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Notable Heed

Heed Homeworld

Nothing is known about the Heed homeworld except that it is in a different galaxy than the Galactic Alliance.


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