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Gramps Munchapper
Gramps munchapper.png
Biographical Information
Full nameGramps Munchapper



Physical Description

Hair colorGray

Eye colorPink

Skin colorDark Red
RelativesPa, Ma, Booster (grandson)

Production Details
Appears inBunzel Fever

Voiced byJess Harnell

Gramps Munchapper is an elderly Jo-Adian and grandfather to Booster.

Physical Appearance

Gramps is smaller than the others seen in the series. Whether this is because age shrinks a person is not known. He has dark, wrinkly old skin and his ears are bent and irregular. A few teeth are missing and they are blunt instead of sharp and pointed.

For attire he wears a humble long-sleeved shirt and suspenders.

Gramps is interestingly the only Jo-Adian with facial hair so far.


As with most things in the series, there is not much known about Gramps. It is known, however, that he spends time with his family, Pa, Ma, and Booster Munchapper. He is only seen in one episode, "Bunzel Fever", where he warns Booster that if he does not come to Jo-Ad to harvest the bunzel he will get the "fever". Later it is revealed that the "fever" is actually a monstrous transformation that turns any Jo-Adian into a bunzel-strung abomination that desires nothing more than to chop bunzel and be extra agitated.

Seems sonnies should listen to their grandpas more often, eh?


Gramps is somewhat cranky and crochety, but what would you expect from an old man? He knows his lore, however, and it turns out he was telling the truth about the mysterious "bunzel fever".


He seems to possess a vast knowledge of lore, at least when it comes to the "bunzel fever." 


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