The Gargantian Militant Movement is headed by Tremendor with Monumentus being his ever-loyal and faithful (yet slightly incompetent) second-in-command. The Movement wants to return Gargantia to its "glory."

The movement frowns on the idea of peace, and one of its goals is to tear up the Galactic Peace Initiative. Other goals include returning Gargantia to its past--a past devoid of luxury and decadent businesses that they deem a threat to their culture and their heritage due to their closed-mindedness and resistance to the inevitability that is change and progress. They prefer bland, boring and harsh conditions. Finally, the Gargantian Militant Movement wants to return to its isolationist ways and tries to assassinate Ambassador Ursona Major to prevent him from becoming part of the Galactic Alliance. They see joining the Galactic Alliance as a threat to Gargantian Autonomy. By some accounts, one could say that the Gargantian Militant Movement is, in more ways than one, a far right-wing organization--not unlike the real-world British Union of Fascists and its modern-day equivalent, the New British Union.


  • Despite their diminutive size, the Gargantian Militants are one of the more dangerous opponents Team Lightyear has ever faced, if not more dangerous than the Evil Emperor Zurg, NOS-4-A2 and the Evil Buzz Lightyear.


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