Gargantians are a species of small intelligent alien from the planet Gargantia.

Portal Gargantian
Biological Information
Homeworld Gargantia
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities N/A
Weaknesses Tiny size, tendency toward violence
Physical Description
Average Height Varies
Average Weight Varies
Hair Color Varies
Eye Color Black on yellow
Skin Color Varying shades of purple and pale blue
Characteristics Tiny, with hair that may actually be horns.
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Allies Galactic Alliance
Enemies (Gargantian Militant Movement) Galactic Alliance

Team Lightyear

Production Details
First Appearance Inside Job
Last Appearance At Large on a Small Planet


Gargantians are miniature in size, not growing larger than a few inches in height. They are humanoids with pink, purple, or bluish skin and four-fingered hands. In place of scalp hair they have highly variable 1-4 horns or ridged crests that may resemble a variety of human hairstyles; these horns vary in color from black/dark gray to white[1]. Although some Gargantians exhibit what appears to be normal facial hair, at least one individual shown has another horn on the chin similar to a beard, and all appear to have conventional eyebrows. Their scleras vary in color from white to yellow, and in one case red. They lack noses, and some individuals exhibit dark purple bags under their eyes. Despite their small stature they have been shown to be able to incapacitate much larger foes when working in groups[2]. They are known to feed on conventional food (e.g. pizza), as well as napkins (although this may have been accidental) and an unknown entity called a "zarkfleem"[1].


While little is known of Gargantian history, statements by Ambassador Ursona Major and members of the Gargantian Militant Movement indicate their culture has long been characterized by discomfort and poor service, with a distinct lack of the luxurious amenities enjoyed by common citizens of the Galactic Alliance. Nothing was known by the Galactic Alliance about Gargantians (including their unusually small size) until Ambassador Major made contact with the Galactic President announcing Gargantia's desire to join the Alliance. Despite his claim that "[his] planet is ready to join the Galactic Alliance", some Gargantians resist both membership in the Alliance as well as what they see as a corruption of their native culture.


Historically, Gargantia has been (as described by Tremendor) "cold, cruel, and devoid of luxury" and "run-down [and] unimaginative"[1]. This is typically shown to mean a lack of modern conveniences and a below-standard service industry. However, since joining the Galactic Alliance, Gargantia has entered "a golden age" characterized by prosperity ("two zarkfleems in every pot, a jet pack in every driveway!") and opening of a Pizza Planet, an apparently Alliance-only pizza franchise[1].

Non-militant Gargantians are shown dressing in predominantly green and teal/blue clothing with orange accents, including belted tunics, dresses, lapeled jackets, and capes. The architecture of the city shown in "At Large on a Small Planet" is dominated by blocky buildings with either flat or high domed rooftops and many smoking chimneys, again in predominantly green and blue.

All known named Gargantians, despite their small size, have names based on English words meaning "large".


There exists a governmental body called the Gargantian Assembly. Not much is known about it besides the fact that they were voted into office[1].


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Notable Gargantians

Gargantian Homeworld


  • Despite their small size, Gargantian names all mean large or big!


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