Planet Statistics
Position Under construction
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Unknown
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Unknown
Population Unknown
Species Gargantians
Society Under construction
Government Under construction
Technology Under construction
Production Details
First Appearance Inside Job
Last Appearance At Large on a Small Planet

Gargantia is a planet located on the edge of the galaxy. Recently having become a member of the Galactic Alliance, Gargantia is inhabited by individuals who do not exceed more than a few inches' height.


Gargantia is located at the edge of the galaxy[1]. It has blue skies during the daytime. Gargantian cities consist of elaborate buildings with domed or flat roofs, often blue-green in color, with many smokestacks rising from them releasing clouds of smoke[2].


Shrouded in mystery, Gargantia remained cut off from the Galactic Alliance until recently, its inhabitants never having been seen before Ambassador Ursona Major made contact to report that his people were ready to join the Galactic Alliance.[1] However, Gargantian terrorists felt that Gargantia was releasing its autonomy and forsaking their proud heritage with the signing of the peace treaty and attempted to assassinate Ambassador Major to prevent it. However, Team Lightyear, who had been assigned to protect the ambassador, foiled the terrorists' plot and arrested them, allowing ambassador Major to successfully sign the peace treaty and for Gargantia to become a member of the Galactic Alliance.


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According to Ambassador Major, on Gargantia you can't find a decent room for your life. He has also stated that they know nothing about luxuries. He is impressed by simple novelties like fluffy robes, and mints left on pillows.


  • Despite their diminutive size, all Gargantians seem to have names that imply a large size. This includes their planet, which is a play on the word "Gargantuan".



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