The galaxy in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is vast. Though a large portion of it has been explored, several areas still remain uncharted. It is separated into quadrants and sectors.

The galaxy has no confirmed name, but it is safe to say that it is not our galaxy.[1]


The term "quadrant" suggests that the galaxy is split into four segments; however, they don't seem to exclusively follow the Greek alphabet for categorization. There are more than four named quadrants, though it is possible some of these names are nicknames for the others.

Beta Quadrant

Mentioned in "The Adventure Begins", this quadrant was targeted with Zurg's mind control machine, implying that at least some planets in this quadrant are part of the Galactic Alliance.

Gamma Quadrant

The Gamma Quadrant  is the most explored, housing Capital Planet and the headquarters of the Galactic Alliance.

Delta Quadrant

This quadrant was mentioned in "Lost in Time".

Zeta Quadrant

The Evil Emperor Zurg's base of operations is situated in the Zeta Quadrant and is for the most part unexplored besides by his forces.

Omega Quadrant

Torque committed a series of robberies on cargo freighters here. There is also a wormhole located here for people to travel to places such as Tradeworld quickly, though after the wormhole closes it takes time for the next one to come.[2]

Outback Quadrant

This quadrant was mentioned in "The Main Event".


It is once mentioned in "The Torque Armada" that there are at least fifty sectors. It is not certain whether these sectors are all in one quadrant or spread out throughout the galaxy. The following are the names of known sectors.

Kavhopi Sector

Mentioned in "The Beasts of Karn". This was where Booster had been taken captive and hunted by a band of three hunters at an abandoned, unnamed space station.[3]

Sector 6

In "Stress Test", it is said that Rhizome is located in this sector.

Star Systems

Kataran Nebula

Under construction

Pelegar System

Mentioned in "The Planet Destroyer". This is where Zurg kept his Planet Destroyer, with which he transported Tradeworld and Tangea to another dimension, causing everyone to think that they had been destroyed.

Planets and Moons

Balzat 4

Mentioned in "Good Ol' Buzz". Apparently, Buzz had recently bought a condo there, but it promised a future infestation of salt rats that "hide in the trees and bite hard".


A class O planet (no known landmass but is completely covered by water).  The populace of Bathyos is entierly water-dwelling, with the exception of some air-breathing offworlders who live in a dome colony.

Beta Bayou

Details unknown - however, one of the illegal hunters in "The Beasts of Karn" hailed from this world.  


A rocky (probably Class C) planetoid, Binipinardia served as a sort of storage vault for a gas capable of 'devolving' beings.

Canis Lunis

This class D planetoid, seen in "Wirewolf", hosted a research facility studying the planet's radioactive moon.

Capital Planet

The headquarters of the Galactic Alliance, this M class planet also supports Star Command HQ.


An amusement park world, this planet was where the Clone Rangers went to celebrate after defeating Team Lightyear.


Under construction


An M class planet of beings no more than a few inches tall, who have recently joined the Galactic Alliance.


Under construction


An M class planet which serves as the 'breadbasket of the galaxy', home to a species of large, red-skinned bipedal sentients; of which Booster Munchapper is an example.


An M class planet (possibly in a closer orbit to its sun than most), Karn is a world almost entirely covered in jungle and populated by ferocious carnivorous beasts.  A popular source for black market animal pelts and hunting expeditions.

Mahambas VI

An M class planet, exclusively designed for the purpose of entertaining vacationers and separating them from their money as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.

Olur 5

In "Millennial Bugs", Zurg used this planet to store the Millennial Bug nests and eventually hatch them.


This is the galaxy's newest prison planetoid (likely a converted class L), where many dangerous criminals are held after being apprehended.

Planet of the LGMs

A peaceful M class planet where the LGMs reside in harmony. The real name of their planet was shown as Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!.  Home to the LGM UniMind.

Planet X

A planet of unknown location, housing a plethora of ancient ruins. It was a popular digsite for LGMs until they awoke Natron from his entombed sleep.

Planet Z

An M class planet which possibly orbits a red giant (inferred from the dark skies and reddish tinted light), and serves as the headquarters for Zurg's evil empire.


Under construction


The homeworld of the Raenoks, this dark and over-industrialized M class planet boasts some of the most secure prisons in the galaxy.

Rexon V

Under construction


A low-tech planet M class (c. 1950s Earth-level technology) in a previously uncharted region of space.


A class M planet of peaceful vegetation-loving people who developed an impressive array of biologically engineered technology.

San de Soleil

Under construction

Sentilla VI

Under construction

Seeta 2

Mentioned in "Millennial Bugs". A creature called the fuzzy trill, now extinct, used to be from this planet.

Sitka VII

Under construction


Under construction


One of the worlds of the Galactic Alliance, Tangea is an M class planet and home to two species colloquially known as Royals and Grounders; both of which have advanced mental powers and tend to keep to themselves.


A notorious hive of scum, villiany, and black market trading. Often a starting point for Team Lightyear's missions.


Verdentia is, according to Buzz Lightyear, a peaceful planet. This planet was in danger of being destroyed by a large comet in the episode "Haunted Moon".

Asteroid Belts

Space Stations

Main category: Space Stations


As far as the staff of this wiki knows, there are no extant maps for the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command galaxy.


Under construction.


  1. In the Playstation 3 game of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, Zurg built a transpatial warp to have his fleet invade our galaxy.
  2. "Bunzel Fever"
  3. "The Beasts of Karn"

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