The Galactic Alliance in session.

The Galactic Alliance is the dominant governing body of the galaxy. Using Capital Planet as its headquarters, its members are made up of a number of planetary governments that have agreed to co-exist semi-autonomously under one central democratic government. Star Command was employed as the galaxy's peace-keepers, maintaining exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and defense functions.


Not much is known about the Galactic Alliance's formation, but it is suggested to be a recent development, as hinted at by Valkyran Raiders, who used to travel freely and "ruled" space. Star Command might also be a recent development formed specifically by the Galactic Alliance to keep their borders safe, but whose responsibilities also extend to policing and maintaining peace within their borders.

Size and Location

There are suggestions of a "galactic border" and a "galactic fringe", which hints at there being boundaries.


The Galactic alliance is headed by Madame President.

Exploration and Defense

It i​s known to be defended by Star Command. How long the Galactic Alliance used Star Command for defense is never elaborated upon, and it is unknown if they have other organizations for defense; however, it does seem they rely heavily upon Star Command. It is not specified if the Alliance commissions other military forces, given the large scope of the Alliance and general prosperity. 


The development of interstellar government encompassing huge swaths of the galaxy would necessitate significant economic activity on a planetary, system wide and sector wide basis. Faster-than-light travel allowed the growth of inter-stellar trade and commerce. Faster-than-light communications permitted electronic banking, credit, loans and investments even from distant locations. At the heart of the galactic economy was interplanetary trade. Planetary trade could support a local economy, but, in many cases, the high levels of economic interaction and the massive scale of exchange required for an advanced society could only be funded by interplanetary exports. Fueled by standardized currency, the Unibuck.


Planets known to be part of the Galactic Alliance include:

It is highly unlikely that these are the only planets, as many other species from unidentified planets have been seen in Galactic Alliance locations, especially the Senate.


Their reputation seems generally positive within the galaxy. However, some people, such as Zurg and the Gargantian Militant Movement are at odds with the alliance for various reasons.



  • According to an interview with Tad Stones, the Galactic Alliance was modeled after the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the New Republic, after systemic collapse, was later reorganized into a government body known as the "Galactic Federation of Free Alliances" or "Galactic Alliance" for short.


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