First Missions
Firstmissions 01
Production Information
Original Airdate November 26, 2000
Ep. Number 047
Prod. Code 059
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
  • Tad Stones
Director(s) Victor Cook
Story Editor(s)
  • Bill Motz
  • Bob Roth
Story by
  • Bill Motz
  • Bob Roth
Studio Sunwoo Animation Co., Inc.
Series Continuity
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First Missions is the forty-seventh episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on November 26, 2000, and is the fifty-ninth episode in production.


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  • Throughout most of the episode, Buzz has a Saturn ring around the Star Command emblem on his suit.
  • The story XR tells of his first meeting with Buzz is completely at odds with their actual first meeting in "The Adventure Begins". This may have been intentional, given XR's tendency to lie in order to make himself look better.
  • In one shot, the red edges at the bottom of Zurg's chest armor are grey.

Voice Actors

Production Details

Executive Producers: Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, Tad Stones
Director: Victor Cook
Story Editors and Written by: Bill Motz, Bob Roth

Voice Casting and Dialogue Director: Jamie Thomason

Storyboard: Troy Adomitis, Gary Graham
Timing Directors: Daniel De La Vega, Gordon Kent
Sheet Timing: Daniel De La Vega, Gordon Kent, John Ahern
Supervising Character Design: Greg Guler
Character Design: Dana Landsberg
Additional Character Design: Kenny Thompkins
Key Location Designers: Simon Rodgers, Justin Thompson
Prop Design: Chuck Puntuvatana
Lead Background Paint: Donna Prince
Key Background Stylist: Tom Cain
Color Key Stylist: Sharon Scott
Storyboard Revisions: Judie Martin
Additional Storyboard: Del Barras
Continuity Coordinator: Jungja Kim-Wolf
Associate Producer: Natasha Kopp
Production Manager: Larry Johnson
Creative Consultant from Pixar: Jeff Pidgeon
Overseas Animation Supervisor: Bob Arkwright
Digital Color Correction: Don Devine, Dave Dimatteo
Scanner: Adam Chase

CGI Main Title: Pixar Animation Studios

Music by: Adam Berry
Main Title Theme by: Adam Berry

Animation Production by: Sunwoo Animation Co. Inc.

Animation Director: Il Kim
Layout Director: Sun Mi, Huh
Backgrounds: Sung Dae, Hong
Digital: Sang Wook, Park
Animators: Hyun Eh, Lee; Kee Hyun, You; Hyun Jin, You; Jin Suk, Park; Young Che, Kim

Supervising Film Editor: John Royer
Film Editor: Christopher Gee
First Assistant Film Editor: Jennifer Harrison
Assistant Film Editor: Dennis Dutton
Pre-Production Dialogue Editor: Monte Bramer
Original Dialogue Editor: Regina Prosi
Original Dialogue Recording: Paul Andris
Assistant Dialogue Engineer: Lisa Carlon
Track Reading: Skip Craig
Post Production Manager: Steven J. Arenas
Post Production Supervisor: Rachel Pusateri
Audio Supervisor: Victor Garcia
Post Production Coordinator: Mark Allen Bollinger
Supervising Sound Editor: Jennifer E. Mertens
Sound Effects Editors: Rick Hammel, Otis Van Osten, Kenneth D. Young
Sound Editor: Eric Hertsgaard
Supervising Music Editor: Brian F. Mars
Re-Recording Mixers: Michael Jiron, Allen Stoene
Supervising Music Editor: Dominick Certo
On-line Editor: Thom Whitehead
Production Coordinators: Cris Versage, John Paul Catapano
Script Coordinator: Dawn T. Connors
Production Associate: Sean Reed
Production Secretaries: Linda DeLizza, Jessica Farley
Talent Coordinator: David H. Wright III
Production Accountant: Ron J. Earhart

Produced by: Walt Disney Television Animation
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