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This is the episode guide for the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The show's pilot premiered on August 8, 2000, as a televised film and was also released on VHS and DVD the same day. The series itself premiered October 2, 2000, and ended in January 2001; and is technically considered incomplete due to the absence of a finale and the fact that as many as six episodes may have never aired.

The guide is ordered by a release date which, unfortunately, does not always adhere to the show's continuity. For the list of episodes sorted by production number, click here.

The release date for each episode listed below is from the original airing in the United States.

The pilot, which was later on split into three episodes, first aired on August 8, 2000 on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning programming block, produced by Walt Disney Television. The series soon followed, the first episode airing two months afterwards from October 2000 to January 2001, spanning two seasons with 62 episodes in total before it was cancelled without a proper finale. Note that there are 66 production codes in total, however, and that several of them are missing (005, 012, 055, 065). This suggests that because of the show's abrupt cancellation, several episodes never aired.

The series has re-aired twice since the first time it appeared on television. The first time was during UPN's Disney's One Too and ABC's Disney's One Saturday Morning programming block from September 2002 to August 2003; the second time was on Toon Disney from September 1, 2003 to September 2007; the third time was on the Disney Channel from 2006 until 2008.

As of yet, there are no plans to release the series, beyond The Adventure Begins, on DVD.

Episodes list

Season 1

Title Original Air Date Episode Number Production Code
"The Adventure Begins" August 8, 2000 Pilot Pilot
When famed Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear loses his partner Warp Darkmatter in a confrontation with one of the Galactic Alliance's sworn enemies, Evil Emperor Zurg, he vows to never have another partner again. Unfortunately, when Zurg invades the Planet of the Little Green Men and takes control of their Uni-Mind (a mystical orb that enables Star Command’s worker LGMs, whose individual minds are useless, to form a combined intellect that keeps the base running), Buzz is forced to act. Aided by the unlikely combined efforts of the Tangean princess-turned-rookie Space Ranger Mira Nova, the janitor Booster Munchapper, and the prototype robot Ranger XR, the four attempt to thwart Zurg’s plan to enslave every free mind in the galaxy.
"The Torque Armada" October 2, 2000 01 003
After apprehending a terrorist named Torque, Team Lightyear, much to their dismay, is assigned to Tanker Alley. Meanwhile, Zurg frees Torque from his prison transport and provides him with a device that can make duplicates of himself, in exchange for Torque's aid in neutralizing Team Lightyear and sabotaging Tanker Alley. Team Lightyear has to escape and prevent the tankers from crashing into Capital Planet before it's too late.
"Gravitina" October 3, 2000 02 004
A giant field of asteroids threatens to destroy Star Command. Mira and Booster stay behind to help the other Space Rangers escape, while Buzz and XR track down the one behind the attack. It turns out a tyrannical despot by the name of Gravitina is behind it all, who has the power to manipulate gravitational forces. 
"XL" October 4, 2000 03 007
After a series of burglaries of the latest technology, Team Lightyear discovers the burglar is XL, the prototype robot Ranger before XR. XL, who was reactivated by Zurg, has been seeking robotic parts to take revenge upon Star Command, and does so by kidnapping Commander Nebula. Now Team Lightyear must go stop the revenge-crazed robot and save their commander.
"Little Secrets" October 5, 2000 04 020
After returning from the planet Rhizome, Team Lightyear is told that a spy is on board Star Command, and must find them before a bomb the spy planted goes off. Meanwhile, Mira, Booster, and XR face hiding small secrets they are keeping from Buzz; Mira throwing out official documents, Booster bringing an energy-hungry plant, and XR giving unauthorized tours of Star Command. 
"Inside Job" October 6, 2000 05 026
After ending a session in a simulator, Buzz and the team meet a Space Ranger cadet by the name of Flash Flemming. Flemming tags along with Team Lightyear when they learn from Madame President that a visit from Ambassador Ursona Major from the mysterious planet of Gargantia is underway. Meanwhile, a terrorist cell based on Gargantia, the Gargantian Militant Movement, plans to assassinate the Ambassador with a secret weapon on the inside, disguising themselves as Flemming himself! 
"NOS-4-A2" October 8, 2000 06 001
Zurg creates NOS-4-A2, an energy vampire that drains any system driven by electric power, to take over Star Command. By salvaging him as cargo, Team Lightyear unwittingly brings NOS-4-A2 to his target and XR falls under his control. When all seems lost, it's up to Booster to bring XR to his senses so the little robot can defeat NOS-4-A2 and save the station.
"The Planet Destroyer" October 9, 2000 07 006
Zurg seemingly destroys Tradeworld and Tangea with a "Planet Destroyer" and threatens to do the same to other Alliance worlds if they don't surrender to him. Fortunately, before Madame President signs the surrender agreement, Team Lightyear is able to locate the Planet Destroyer and discovers that the planets weren't destroyed - merely shifted to another dimension. Tangea and Tradeworld are returned to the right dimension and Zurg's plan is thwarted.
"The Beasts of Karn" October 10, 2000 08 010
After Star Command fails to contact their research scientist stationed on Karn, Team Lightyear is sent to check up on her. The scientist, Dr. Ozma Furbanna, needs their help to stop poachers from capturing the local animals. Meanwhile, Booster is caught by one of these poachers, Rentwhistle Swack, who believes Booster to be an animal. Team Lightyear and Dr. Furbanna must find and save Booster and the animals.
"Tag Team" October 11, 2000 09 016
Buzz unexpectedly finds out after a failed attempt to pursue his former partner, Warp Darkmatter, that the two of them were inserted with implants since their Space Ranger Academy days. The two of them team up to find whomever was responsible for the implants, who turn out to be three scientists, Era, Eon, and Epoch, from a technologically advanced species called the Chlorm. Now they must find a way to remove the implants and escape the Chlorm's attempts to dissect them.
"The Main Event" October 12, 2000 10 019
Buzz and XR are tricked into getting into a fight with Torque for the amusement of Rentwhistle Swack and selfish billionaire Norbert Klerm. Things take a far more interesting turn, however, when Zurg is lured to the planet...
"The Return of XL" October 13, 2000 11 008
After escaping from prison, XL steals the one component that makes XR different from him - XR's AFD. Feeling worthless without it, despite not knowing what it is, XR ditches his team and goes to Tradeworld to buy a replacement from the Fixer. Unfortunately, the Fixer is working with XL and sends XR to deliver a part to the evil robot's lair, resulting in XR being captured. Now he must free not only himself but his team who have come to rescue him.
"Strange Invasion" October 15, 2000 12 027
While rescuing a tour shuttle caught in the path of a supernova, Team Lightyear is pulled into another galaxy and crashes on the planet Roswell. Buzz and Mira are taken captive by the Roswellian military, a damaged XR is offline, and a little girl tries to keep Booster as a pet. With the help of the girl's father, a local sheriff, Booster and his team escape from the military and repair the crashed tour shuttle, flying away just as the military forces arrive.
"The Taking of PC-7" October 16, 2000 13 018
Booster and XR's attempt to take Torque into the depths of the prison planetoid, PC-7, goes array when Torque breaks free and takes control of the prison with his clones. To make matters worse, Booster, XR, Madame President and the warden of the prison, Yung, are taken captive by Torque and the corrupt security system. Mira and Buzz must break into prison to save everyone.
"Mindwarp" October 17, 2000 14 017
Klerm kidnaps Buzz and downloads his skills and moves into his new line of fighting robots, the Slam-Bots, and brainwashes Buzz into thinking he is an office employee, Flip Faxtoner. Mira, Booster, and XR go to Compu-Klerm to rescue their captain and have to face off against an army of Slam-Bots.
"Mira's Wedding" October 18, 2000 15 024
Mira is forced into an arranged marriage with another Tangean noble, Fop Doppler, but the wedding turns out to be a ruse by Lord Angstrom, who is working with the Grounders to take over the palace. Team Lightyear comes to the rescue, and together with Fop they defeat Angstrom and the Grounders.
"Panic on Bathyos" October 19, 2000 16 031
Team Lightyear is sent to Bathyos to investigate suspicious activity in the fusion crystal mines and suspect security chief Panchax is responsible. However, the real culprit turns out to be Minister Gularis, the head of the Bathyosian council, and Buzz and Panchax have to team up to stop him when he fires a missile at Capital Planet that will flood the planet and turn it into another Bathyos.
"Shiv Katall" October 20, 2000 17 015
Zurg sends for the galaxy's most infamous hitman, Shiv Katall, to find and terminate a recently defected Brain Pod 13. Buzz goes after Shiv alone, leaving his team out. The team finds out after going after Shiv that Buzz is Shiv himself, going to escort the Brain Pod to freedom. Unfortunately, Zurg finds out the truth about Shiv's true identity when the team is captured by another person who claims to be Shiv Katall... 
"Stress Test" October 22, 2000 18 048
Buzz, after being overworked and pulling shifts nonstop, seems to have lost his mind after a recent encounter with Hornets, leading him to believe that Zurg was up to something. After much prodding from Nebula, Buzz is sent to Rhizome for a vacation. Just as he's about to fully enjoy himself, trouble brews on the horizon as Zurg prepares a new weapon to destroy Star Command.
"A Zoo Out There" October 23, 2000 19 047
One by one, various ambassadors of the Galactic Alliance are being kidnapped off the face of Capital Planet. Surprisingly, Zurg is not behind it all, so Team Lightyear must try to find out who is behind the kidnappings. But with a twist, Team Lightyear also find themselves kidnapped, and taken to an uncharted zoo run by the Chlorm, who have kidnapped everyone to become caged exhibits in their zoo!
"Root of Evil" October 24, 2000 20 028
Team Lightyear visits Jo-Ad to investigate mutant vegetables that are coming alive once exposed to heat, and discover Zurg has taken up residence beneath the fields and is pumping mutagents into the soil. Booster's best friend Buster betrays them to Zurg, but has a change of heart and helps the team stop the emperor.
"Super Nova" October 25, 2000 21 053
After saving a ship by ghosting into a crystallic fusion chamber, the energy becomes part of Mira and empowers her abilities. She begins to crave more energy and builds her addiction, despite everyone warning her about its dangers. She then goes to Planet Z to take on Zurg by herself with her new power, but Zurg sets a trap for her and the team. Luckily, everyone manages to escape and Mira overcomes her addiction once and for all.
"Downloaded" October 26, 2000 22 039
During an impending crisis, XR downloads all the files of the Galactic Alliance into himself. Despite being ordered to delete the files due to the potential risk it carries, XR pretends to do so, but realizes his mistake after he contacts Booster's favorite supermodel, Vicki Vortex, whose phone is listed in the files, unaware that she was dating Zurg at the time. Zurg, upon learning what has happened, places a bounty on XR's head to retrieve the files for himself. Now, Team Lightyear has to protect XR from the villains who have come to collect this bounty and keep the files safe.
"The Plasma Monster" October 27, 2000 23 013
While transporting a senator's daughter, Petra Hammerhold, to the Academy, 42 is attacked by a plasma monster and crashes on an uninhabited planet. There, the plasma monster is revealed to be Petra's boyfriend, Plasma Boy. An infatuated Booster becomes jealous, but when Plasma Boy's life is in danger he must put aside his personal feelings and do his duty as a Space Ranger.
"The Crawling Flesh" October 29, 2000 24 036
Zurg mutates Buzz and Mira into a blob-like monster and uses them to infect all of Star Command so he can take over. The Rangers must adapt to their new form to defeat the emperor.
"Dirty Work" October 30, 2000 25 023
Cosmo orders a new energy-powered kitchen appliance to cook all sorts of meals in a matter of seconds for his diner. This attracts the attention and appetite of NOS-4-A2, who eventually takes over the appliance and diner. Meanwhile, Team Lightyear tries to escort a vegetation geneticist, Professor Triffid, back to Rhizome from a lecture when they intercept a call from the diner. Triffid and Team Lightyear work together to stop NOS-4-A2 and return things to normal. 
"The Slayer" October 31, 2000 26 051
NOS-4-A2 escapes from PC-7 and was last seen on Tradeworld. Buzz and XR go over to capture the energy vampire, but come across an unlikely heroine named Savy SL2, who possesses a deep despise for NOS-4-A2. The rangers and Savy team up to pursue the energy vampire, but XR ends up being kidnapped. Savy and Buzz locate the energy vampire and shut him down and rescue XR in the process.
"The Lightyear Factor" November 1, 2000 27 056
Zurg accidentally creates a portal to an alternate universe and meets an evil Buzz Lightyear. He and Evil Buzz team up to destroy Star Command, but the good Buzz, Team Lightyear, and the alternate Team Lightyear save the space station and destroy Zurg's ship. The alternate universe, which had been ravaged by Evil Buzz, begins to rebuild, and Evil Buzz appears to be dead... until the last scene, where it's revealed he survived the explosion.
"Clone Rangers" November 2, 2000 28 032
After Zurg takes samples of DNA from Buzz, Mira and Booster with his small Hornets, posing as mosquitoes, he uses them to create clones of Team Lightyear. However, in his rush, the Clone Rangers emerge as children rather than adults. The clones venture out to battle Team Lightyear, but Buzz and the team manage to win the fight against them.
"Bunzel Fever" November 3, 2000 29 044
During a pursuit of Torque, Team Lightyear receives a call from Booster's parents on Jo-Ad. They expect him to be home for the bunzel harvest. When Booster declines, his grandfather warns him of the supposed mythical "Bunzel Fever" which will strike Booster if he doesn't return home. The more Booster ignores this warning as the team pursues Torque, the more the fever will strike...
"Devolutionaries" November 5, 2000 30 043
When Team Lightyear receives a distress call from Binipinardia, little do they suspect that whatever was being protected on that planet has the ability to de-evolve people, and that Warp Darkmatter is there on orders, harvesting the gas to weaponize it.
"Head Case" November 6, 2000 31 035
After getting injured in a battle with the Vulturans, XR is sent to Mahambas VI to recover. But XL kidnaps XR in the process and poses as XR to infiltrate Star Command to plant a bomb within the space station's fusion core. XR manages to get to Star Command, recover his own body, and stop the bomb.
"The Yukari Imprint" November 7, 2000 32 038
While Team Lightyear picks up a senator for a peace conference with the Raenoks and Bathyosians, Booster buys a pod that hatches into dozens of destructive creatures known as Yukaris. Meanwhile, the Bathyosian senator is replaced by Crumford Lorak, who is working for the Raenoks in an attempt to gain Bathyosian defense secrets.
"The Shape Stealer" November 8, 2000 33 040
Zurg sends his newest creation, the Shape Stealer, to track down and destroy Buzz, by taking control of various people and using them to attack the Ranger. Team Lightyear evade the assassin's every attempt, but the tables turn when the Shape Stealer takes control of Buzz himself. Eventually, Mira manages to eject the Shape Stealer out of Buzz's body and saves him.
"Star Crossed" November 9, 2000 34 042
When one of his Brain Pods defects, Zurg hires Grounder bounty hunter Romac to bring him back. However, it turns out Romac is Mira's ex-boyfriend, and he eventually switches sides and helps Team Lightyear and the Brain Pod to escape from Planet Z.
"Haunted Moon" November 10, 2000 35 060
Team Lightyear is called in to help with an apparent ghost problem on a moon where a rocket is being constructed to shift the course of a comet that threatens to collide with a planet. The true nature of the hauntings is revealed when Buzz ends up deep inside the comet.
"Stranger Invasion" November 12, 2000 36 050
Zurg takes over Roswell so he can use the trans-spacial warp to launch a secret attack fleet against Star Command, and Buzz and Booster have to work with the Roswellian military to stop him.
"Eye of the Tempest" November 13, 2000 37 034
A distress call turns out to be a trap so that Spyro Lepton, a former Star Command scientist driven to near madness by his own cryborg project, can enact revenge on Buzz. However, Spyro's daughter Bonnie has taken a shine to Buzz and helps Team Lightyear overcome Lepton. The last thing Lepton is happy about is his daughter being interested in Lightyear, so he decides to do something about it.
"Revenge of the Monsters" November 14, 2000 38 045
Sometime after Ty Parsec turned into the Wirewolf, he is discharged from the Space Ranger Corps by Nebula due to being a security threat. But things worsen as NOS-4-A2 and XL infiltrate Star Command and use a piece of the Canis Lunis moon to turn Ty into the Wirewolf again. The two kidnap him and take him to Planet Z to use him as a weapon to turn everyone else into wirewolves. Luckily, XR, Buzz and a newly reformed XL all work together to restore everyone to normal. 
"Lone Wolf" November 15, 2000 39 054
Buzz tells Team Lightyear a story from early on in his career, about how he was so disillusioned with the justice system, it made him quit Star Command. However, Buzz cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of gas harvesters underneath the boot of the gas baron Vartkes. Once a Space Ranger, always a Space Ranger.
"Planet of the Lost" November 16, 2000 40 061
While on a routine mapping mission, Team Lightyear is stranded on a planet with other survivors. Any sort of technology attracts creatures the locals call Shriekers, and their leader, Flint, is especially vociferous over banning technology. Something strange is going on, though, and Team Lightyear is determined to get to the bottom of it.
"Revenge of the Raenoks" November 17, 2000 41 066
The Raenoks kidnap Booster, in the hopes that they can exchange him to get Varg back from the Galactic Alliance. However, no one counts on just how many people want to rescue Booster, nor do they count on Varg breaking out of prison himself, with XR as a hostage.
"The Starthought" November 19, 2000 42 021
King Nova presents Star Command with a new ship operated by thought called the Starthought, insisting that only a Tangean mind can pilot it. Mira takes it out for several test runs, but Zurg lures Mira into a trap and steals the Starthought. Team Lightyear sets out to recover it, but it turns out that Zurg himself is piloting the Starthought...
"Millennial Bugs" November 20, 2000 43 063
Zurg and the Hornets raid the Museum of Natural History in order to steal a display of fossilized Millennial Bug eggs and in the process, hire Dr. Furbanna to help hatch the eggs. Team Lightyear must convince Ozma that Zurg means to use the Bugs to attack Capital Planet. 
"Conspiracy" November 21, 2000 44 033
Buzz is framed for having attempted to assassinate the president of the Galactic Alliance. When his prison transport is fired down, he escapes determined to find the real culprits. But to make matters worse, Commander Nebula dispatches Buzz's former teammates after him to bring him to justice.
"At Large on a Small Planet" November 23, 2000 45 058
Ursona Major wants to open up a pizzeria on his homeplanet and invites Buzz and Booster for a tour around Gargantia, but the people grow quickly frightened due to the size differences between outsiders and Gargantians. Things worsen when the Gargantian Militant Movement kidnap the ambassador to prevent the restaurant from opening up, so Buzz and Booster decide to shrink down to size to deal with the criminals and save the ambassador and in the process, regain the faith and trust of the Gargantians. 
"Sunquake" November 24, 2000 46 057
The evil Buzz from the alternate universe attempts to ruin the good Buzz's universe with the help of Gravitina, who uses her powers to cause sunquakes which send fireballs hurtling towards Star Command and Capital Planet. Buzz and Mira sneak aboard Evil Buzz's base and set the self-destruct, then escape with Gravitina. Evil Buzz seemingly falls to his death, though is later shown to have survived.
"First Missions" November 26, 2000 47 059
While Booster, Mira and XR protect Reddschift from Zurg's forces, they tell him stories of how they first met Buzz to reassure him that he will soon be to their rescue.
"Large Target" November 27, 2000 48 046
Team Lightyear finishes up a mission and they go on vacation on the resort planet, Mahambas VI. While they're there, XR disguises himself as Booster to gamble, due to a ban on robots within the casino. But this backfires after he cleans house and flirts with crime boss Keno Kentrix's girlfriend. In rage, Keno places a contract on whom he thinks is Booster's head. Booster, XR, and eventually Buzz and Mira face Keno and capture him. 
"War and Peace and War" November 29, 2000 49 064
A super-powered being by the name of Guzelian preaches an end to all conflicts and promotes peace throughout the galaxy. Zurg's forces and Star Command take apart all their weapons and defenses, welcoming Guzelian's peace. Only Buzz and Zurg aren't convinced, and form a temporary alliance to find answers.

Season 2

Title Original Air Date Episode Number Production Code
"Lost in Time" October 14, 2000 50 002
After trying to bring Zurg down by flying into a black hole, Buzz finds himself in a millennium in the future where evil is no more and Star Command is obsolete. However, this is a mere set-up concocted by Zurg who manages to glean all the secrets of Star Command. When Buzz discovers the truth the rest of his team members save him, and Buzz manages to thwart Zurg before he is successful.
"Rookie of the Year" October 21, 2000 51 052
After successfully fighting off an invasion of Hornets at a political summit, Mira, Booster and XR have been selected as potential candidates for the "Rookie of the Year" award. Team Lightyear is assigned to two missions; to be reinforcements in case Zurg strikes again, and to guard a matter transport ray the LGMs are working on at a moon. Now the three Rookies must learn to put aside their competitive streaks to get the ray back.
"Wirewolf" October 28, 2000 52 011
Ty Parsec, an old friend of Buzz, reluctantly receives help from Team Lightyear when NOS-4-A2 feeds upon an energy facility upon the planet of Canis Lunis. They manage to drive the energy vampire away, but not without a price. 
"Rescue Mission" November 4, 2000 53 014
Buzz is sent by Star Command to answer a distress call by Professor Samsa, an insectoid-like creature whose race and queen are in danger by some powerful threat that is determined to destroy them all. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Lightyear is sent to help Cosmo clear out the bugs for a health inspection for his diner. However, it turns out that the bugs are Samsa, his queen and his race, and they have shrunk Buzz down to their size to help them fight off the threat--Team Lightyear and Cosmo themselves!
"Star Smasher" November 11, 2000 54 009
Buzz is sent by Commander Nebula to attend and review over the latest inventions the LGMs have concocted, when the Hornets attack the space station by surprise before retreating. It is not until later that one of the LGMs is missing, and Zurg plans to use the LGM's knowledge to create his own version of a Flux Gravity Capacitor, or a giant trash compactor. The team must rescue the LGM and prevent Zurg from completing his plan. 
"Enemy Without a Face" November 18, 2000 55 030
Team Lightyear is caught in a gravity field coming from a strange planet, and before long, they are separated into teams of two: Buzz and Booster, and Mira and XR. The team finds themselves caught in a fight between the Beletor and Krnozians, who have been at war for 900 years. They eventually resolve the conflict, but unbeknownst to them, two starfish-like parasites, eventually dubbed "squishies" by XR, attach to Mira and Booster, causing them to behave impulsively and aggressively. 
"Good Ol' Buzz" November 25, 2000 56 022
The team gets a surprise while thwarting Torque's latest attack: a 150-year old Buzz Lightyear from the far, far future! The old Buzz explains that he has come back to the past, with the help of a time-traveling device he designed himself to save Mira from dying. The trouble is, much to everyone's frustration, the old Buzz does not remember at what point Mira was supposed to die. On top of that, they crash-land on a planet with giant worms. Things only worsen from there...
"Return to Karn" December 2, 2000 57 037
Buzz, Booster and XR find themselves with Dr. Ozma Furbanna once more on Karn while Mira accompanies Madame President and her assistant, Smoltz, to a conference. However, Zurg attacks their ship, and they're forced to crash land on Karn and keep low to avoid Zurg by maintaining radio silence. However, it is revealed that Zurg was looking for them AND the rest of Team Lightyear, and now they have to fight off Zurg to protect Madame President. 
"Speed Trap" December 9, 2000 58 029
Delegated to traffic duty after a failed diplomatic meeting with the Porcelons, Team Lightyear spots a large freighter going faster than the speed of sound that does not respond to any calls. It also crashes into San de Soleil, destroying the resort moon. The ship then heads toward the sun, and if Team Lightyear does not stop it, it could create a supernova strong enough to wipe out the solar system. They board the ship, only to find it is deserted, save for Care-Bots, cleanliness-obsessed robots determined to clean and disassemble anything that they consider garbage.
"Holiday Time" December 16, 2000 59 062
It is the Holiday for the whole galaxy and everyone is celebrating except for one person: the Evil Emperor Zurg. Zurg has somehow been helping prisoners to escape from PC-7, sabatoging Star Command's ships, and stealing Buzz's newspaper...all in a second! Meanwhile, there is a man who claims he is Santa Claus who has been persistently asking for Team Lightyear's help, and it is only when he tells Buzz a story relating to his cat, that Buzz believes him and gets his rookies to help save the Holiday. Santa needs Buzz to help him save Christmas from Zurg, who stole it from everyone with the aid of Santa's Chrono-Disrupter, a device that can stop time.
"Opposites Attract" December 23, 2000 60 041
Believing the size of her head is what stands between herself and Buzz, Gravitina shoots Buzz with a ray that transforms his head into a giant "lightbulb head" like hers. The rest of his team go to Gravitina's world in an attempt to find out how to undo the effect but are captured. Buzz comes to their rescue and overpowers Gravitina, and Mira learns how to shrink Buzz's head back to its normal size.
"Ancient Evil" January 6, 2001 61 049
Team Lightyear have been assigned to find and bring home a group of LGMs who have gone missing from an archeological expedition on the mysterious planet of Planet X. Little does the team know that the LGMs accidentally awakened Natron, a space mummy who ruled the galaxy thousands of years ago until he was sealed away by the Protector, and Zurg wants Warp to find Natron and bring him to the evil emperor. But Natron has other plans and drains Warp's life force, leaving Warp as an old man. Team Lightyear, Warp and the LGMs have to work together to successfully stop Natron and his reign on Capital Planet and return Warp's youth.
"42" January 13, 2001 62 025
The team faces off against the fierce Valkyrans when they try to board a cargo ship and take control. But the warriors manage to sneak away with a device that allows them to phase in and out of a dimensional warp, even allowing them to remain invisible. Luckily, though, the LGMs invent a machine that can detect ships when they are in a warp, and so, Team Lightyear decides to put it to good use. Unbeknownst to Buzz, Mira, and Booster, the machine somehow gives sentience to Star Cruiser 42, much to the delight of XR. However, XR and 42 are captured by the Valkyrans, and it's now up to Team Lightyear to rescue them.

Opening Variations

Because of its connection to the film Toy Story, the character Buzz Lightyear serving as the inspiration for one of the film's protagonists, a Buzz Lightyear action figure, the episodes have several opening scene variations made by Pixar before the actual theme song.

  • Buzz lands next to the television.
  • Buzz smacks into the television and slides down the screen.
  • Buzz lands on Bullseye and then falls off in pain.
  • Zurg stands next to where Buzz lands and fires at the television screen.
  • Buzz lands and is smacked away by Wheezy riding RC.
  • Buzz lands and strikes a disco pose.
  • Buzz lands and opens his wings, knocking down everyone behind him.

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