Enemy Without a Face
Enemywithoutface 01
Production Information
Original Airdate November 18, 2000
Ep. Number 055
Prod. Code 030
  • Tad Stones
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
Director(s) Victor Cook
Story Editor(s) Thomas Hart
Story by
Writer(s) Elizabeth Stonecipher
Studio Jade Animation International Limited
Series Continuity
Previous Star Smasher
Next Good Ol' Buzz
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Enemy Without a Face is the fifty-fifth episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on November 18, 2000, and is the thirtieth episode in production.


Team Lightyear meet two sole survivors of a 900 year long war. Little do they suspect another danger lurking among them.


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  • Booster: (repeated line, while he is under control) "It's all mine!"
  • Buzz: (to Booster, while he is under control) "Ranger, you're slacking off!"


  • When Mira, XR and the Krnozian capsize into the water, bubbles can be seen in the form of a Hidden Mickey. Another Hidden Mickey can be seen when the smoke clears after Buzz and Booster are bombed.


  • In one shot, XR's chest is blue instead of white.

Voice Actors

Production Details

Director: Wong King Fung
Assistant Director: Zhao Bin
Art Director: Zhang Yong
Camera Supervisor: Xiao Wei Wen
Animators: Ren Cong Rong, Zhang Jing, Wu Zhi Xing, Zhua Si Nong, Zhang Bai Quan, Liu Huan Fen, Zhong Zhi Qun, Jin Xin, He Ju Yu, Zhang Yi, Jiang Shang, Li Jian Jun, Dai Fang Ming, Mi Jie, Xu Jing

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