Biographical Information
Full nameDr. Animus

OccupationPsychologist, Psychiatrist
Physical Description

Hair colorRed

Eye colorWhite

Skin colorPea Green
Production Details
First appearanceStress Test

Last appearanceHead Case

Voiced byTony Jay
“Ah, please, sit down. We'll explore this unresolved envy.”

Dr. Animus is a therapist, counselor and psychiatrist. He talks with a heavy accent and takes his work very seriously.

Physical appearance

Dr. Animus is a very slender, green-skinned alien with a red brow and mustache. He wears thick glasses, a comfy sweater, and has an office for his work and patients. His accent is remarkably thick and reminiscent of German; a stereotype of Freudian psychologists.

Dr. Animus is from an unknown species of alien and is the only one seen of his kind in the series.


Dr. Animus often times evaluates members of Team Lightyear. He once examined Buzz Lightyear when he was overstressed, and he also examined XL who had been criminally pretending to be XR so he could blow up Star Command. Beyond that, Dr. Animus has yet to be seen in another light.


Dr. Animus comes off as very relaxed and even-tempered, rarely using force unless necessary for the health of the patient. He's not particularly strong, nor does he appear to be a fighter. 


Stress Test

Head Case

  • "Hmm, emotional fitness evaluation... On a robot? Preposterous! Robots can't be nutso. Or can they? This could make my career! (starts typing) 'Robot psychosis: fact or fiction?'"


  • Dr. Animus' name is a reference to the masculine traits found in the feminine unconscious and personality in Jungian psychology.[1]



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