Crumford Lorak
Crumford Lorak
Biographical Information
Full nameCrumford Lorak



Physical Description

Hair colorOrange

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorApricot
Production Details
First appearanceXL

Last appearanceConspiracy

Voiced byJon Favreau

Crumford Lorak is a conman, informant and criminal, usually found on Tradeworld.

Physical Appearance

Crumford Lorak has all the traits of a seedy, poor, and slick conman: his hair is always slicked back, he walks with a hunch, whispers as often as possible, and has crooked, yellowed teeth. He appears to be a rodent-like being, as evinced by his naked tail and elongated ears and snout.


Crumford Lorak is well known as the galaxy's stool pigeon. He'll tell you anything for the right price -- anything at all, whether it be true or not. He is repeatedly bumping paths with Team Lightyear and other deadly denizens of the galaxy; this has led to Team Lightyear bailing him out of sticky situations on occasion, as seen in "The Yukari Imprint".

Crumford seems to never be locked away for long, even if Team Lightyear manages to get enough dirt on him for a conviction.


A swindler, Crumford talks in a pleasing voice and tries to charm his way through clients. He will do anything for a quick unibuck.


  • Informant: He seems to be able to get information on almost any criminal, and seems to know everything happening in Tradeworld.
  • Getting himself into trouble effortlessly.


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