Biographical Information
Full nameCosmo

Physical Description

Hair colorOlive

Eye colorYellow

Skin colorLime Green
Production Details
First appearanceMira's Wedding

Last appearanceRescue Mission

Voiced byPaul Rugg

Cosmo is the chef and owner of Cosmo's Cosmic Diner.

Physical Appearance

A green alien neither too tall nor too short, Cosmo is slightly portly with thin limbs compared to his belly. He has a crooked tail almost as crooked as his dark green beard, and the alien has a large nose just below his yellow, spherical eyes. His right hand is organic while his left appears to be cybertronic.

He talks with a slight foreign accent.


Throughout the series Cosmo is the proud owner of the titular outer space diner that's out of this world, Cosmo's Cosmic Diner. Ingenious play on words, no? But other than being the owner and scrambling cook, it is never explained as to how Cosmo came into the business or made his keepings.

He does have a great repertoire of customers, and they range from Buzz Lightyear all the way to the Evil Emperor Zurg himself! Talk about impressive work in the kitchen.

Cosmo employs a waitress named Sally.


While not given much publicity throughout the series, Cosmo is typically seen as a well-to-do guy with a cheerful demeanour and bubbly attitude. He does have a way with trying to save money and purchasing upgrades, as in the case with Mira destroying his current vid-screen, and he had an extreme dislike for bugs, most likely due to health department regulations.


  • Needless to say, he is an excellent chef, able to whip up all sorts of delicious foods for any customer.
  • He seems to be able to handle a firearm as well, as in the case of "Dirty Work".


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  • It is evident that both Buzz Lightyear and the Evil Emperor Zurg share a same liking for Cosmo's Cosmic Chili!



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