Mira and LGM (name) “Really? All you Rangers look alike.”

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Biographical Information

OccupationSpace Ranger (corporal)
Physical Description

Hair colorBlack

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorDark Tan
AffiliationStar Command
Powers and Abilities
EquipmentStar Command-issue

Production Details
First appearanceThe Adventure Begins

Last appearanceGood Ol' Buzz

Voiced byFrank Welker
“Guess what, pal. You're through.”
The corporal is a human Space Ranger, a low-ranking officer[1] who also occasionally works as a flight controller.[2]

Physical Appearance

He is a dark-skinned male human with curly, black hair and a square-shaped jaw. As a Space Ranger, he alternates between wearing the standard spacesuit and the green-and-purple officer's uniform.


Back when Booster was still a lowly janitor, the Corporal caught him sneaking into the launch bay without permission. Before he could administer punishment, however, Buzz Lightyear came in and informed the man that Booster was merely tending to his janitorial duties. The man let him Booster go after that.  Since then, he has taken part in a number of other missions and assignments alongside other Space Rangers. 


While a stickler for the rules, he looks up to Buzz Lightyear in a mixture of fear and awe. [1]


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  • "Just like I figured. Guess what, pal. you're through."
  • "My mistake, sir."


  • In the film version of "The Adventure Begins", Buzz addresses him by his rank. However, in the three-part episode version, he is given no rank at all.



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