The building of Compu-Klerm.

Compu-Klerm is a computer corporation founded by company president, inventor and despot Norbert Klerm.


The building is colored yellow, bluish grey and brown. It towers over most buildings, and has many entrances. The building's interior is composed of offices and cubicles. 


Technocrat Norbet Klerm founded Compu-Klerm through the invention of his Rotary Dial computer system, as well as a series of smash hit video games. The profits made by his inventions elevated Klerm to the status of "richest man in the galaxy", though he would constantly seek to spread his influence into other markets, including the weapon and super-villain industry

Despite making his fortunes through legal means, Compu-Klerm is implied to used less than legal methods to augment its work force, such as kidnapping people and brainwashing them into becoming employees.




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