The Chlorm (Chlorm)
Portal Chlorm
Biological Information
Homeworld Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Extremely intelligent with powerful advanced technology
Weaknesses Overconfidence, heavy reliance on technology
Physical Description
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black or Green on Yellow or White
Skin Color Varying shades of blue and purple
Characteristics Small bodies with large heads, biomechanical implants and suits.
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Team Lightyear
Production Details
First Appearance Tag Team
Last Appearance A Zoo Out There

The Chlorm are a technologically advanced, but morally backward race.


The Chlorm are a species of small stature, but with superior intellect. They wear robotic suits with built-in levitation devices and mechanical arms. They also have biomechanical implants on their heads. They are known to have an exoskin, which they periodically molt.


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They believe themselves to be "superior beings", their claim from their technological prowess and ability to molt. They have no qualms about experimenting on "lesser beings" (essentially all other life forms in the galaxy), even to the point of causing grievous harm or death. For a time, the Chlorm kept a zoo with a variety of other (mostly sentient) beings on display due to considering them to be no more than wild animals.


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Notable Chlorm

Chlorm Homeworld

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  • Chlorm names seem to all be derived from periods of time.


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