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Canis Lunis
Canis Lunis, with its radioactive green moon in the background.
Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) Unnamed, radioactive (destroyed)
Gravity Unknown
Atmosphere Unbreathable
Temperature Unknown
Population Unknown
Species Unknown
Society Unknown
Government Galactic Alliance-ruled
Technology Unknown
Production Details
First Appearance Wirewolf
Last Appearance Wirewolf

Canis Lunis is a planet that contains an energy facility that converts the radiation from its moon into pure energy. Ty Parsec used to be in charge of protecting the facility until NOS-4-A2 struck.


The planet seems to be cast in perpetual night, probably due to a far location from the solar system's sun. It teems with flora such as bushes and leafy trees. The terrain also seems to be constantly shrouded in fog and mist.


A top-secret energy facility, critical to the Galactic Alliance, was built to absorb the radiation from the planet's green moon. The radiation is converted into pure energy which has the potential to be bigger than crystallic fusion, hence it explains one of the reasons it's such a top-secret project.[1]


Most inhabitants are researchers and their security robots, but there may be local fauna out in the wild. Ty Parsec was currently stationed here.


There are living quarters for the inhabitants of the facility. Ty had one while he was stationed there, and it is safe to assume that the workers and researchers had them as well.

The air seems to be highly toxic, as it can harm anyone who is not impervious to the air and is not wearing some form of protection. Robots, and presumably the native flora and fauna, are immune to it.


  • The planet's name is a play on words of the phrase "canis lupus", the scientific term for "timber wolf".[2] Additionally, "canis" and "lunis" are derived from the Latin words for "dog" and "moon" respectively.[2][3]



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