Brent Starkisser
Brent Starkisser.png
Biographical Information
Full nameBrent Starkisser


Physical Description

Hair colorBlond

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorTanned
Production Details
First appearanceThe Torque Armada

Last appearanceRookie of the Year

Voiced byCorey Burton
“This is Brent Starkisser, LIVE!”

Brent Starkisser is the galaxy's most prominent reporter.

Physical Appearance

He is often seen at his desk or covering footage for a galactic audience, and he is always wearing the same snazzy, purple suit complete with a gem-shaped neck clasp.


Although he really doesn't have much of a purpose other than to deliver news to the galaxy, he has been seen throughout the series covering footage from Booster's trial with the Raenoks all the way to the attempted assassination of Madame President. He lives and breathes breaking stories.


Like any typical news anchor, he is loud, eye-catching and tells the news in a dramatic, extravagant way to attract the viewer's attention. News regarding the latest calamity; he's there. News regarding the Raenok onslaught on some colony world; he's there. News regarding Vicki Vortex's wardrobe malfunction; he's also there. Whatever news there is to be told, you can bet Brent Starkisser is on the job, covering.


XL (episode)

Dirty Work

Super Nova

Revenge of the Raenoks


Rookie of the Year


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