Brain Pods
Biological Information
Homeworld Planet Z
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Knowledge
Weaknesses Need pods to move
Physical Description
Average Height Unkown
Average Weight Unkown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Skin Color Pink
Characteristics Weak, fleshy bodies
Political Information
Affiliation Evil Emperor Zurg
Allies Grubs
Enemies Star Command, Galactic Alliance
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance N/A
Brain Pods are brainlike aliens who are often seen working for the Evil Emperor Zurg on Planet Z .


They appear to be pink, pseudopod creatures with a brainlike head and eyes. Without their special pods, they can't move very well. The mouth is on the chest as seen on Brain Pod 13.


Under construction.


Under construction.


They work under the rule of Zurg so their original government is unknown.


They share a military with Zurg.

Notable Brain Pods

Brain Pod Homeworld



  • 13 podless
    In The Adventure Begins, Zurg asks a Brain Pod how long he's been in the organization, to which the brain pod replies by asking "In total or as a brain in a jar?", implying that they were originally a different species before his brain was taken out and put into a pod. However, in the episode Shiv Katall it is revealed that the brains are actually a species that resemble brains, complete with mouths and tendrils that serve as arms and legs, contradicting the original statement about the species.


Under construction.

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