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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 29 August 2020

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Stories: How Evil Buzz became evil

In this blog post, I explain my perspective on how Buzz Lightyear (alternate universe) became evil, so here we go.

Buzz Lightyear had it all. He was well respected and he was invited to every party in the galaxy. All because he continuously defeated Evil Emperor Zurg.

But there was one problem. He was delusional. He believed that Zurg was behind every cat stuck up a tree. So one day, he snapped and went insane with delusion. He was vulnerable to someone called Wotso O’Carlson telling him wrong information and thus targeting the wrong people believing they were “agents of Zurg.”

Wotso O’Carlson only existed in the alternate universe and was the boss at National Accident Helpline, a company on Planet Z that specialises in creating accidents. Th…

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 8 January 2019


Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 01:00, January 8, 2019 (UTC)

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Uptown1989 Uptown1989 27 March 2018

I want to tell you that you're my Space Rangers.

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Buzzfan120 Buzzfan120 22 December 2017

Hidden Mickeys in BLoSC

Now as many of you know, Disney is famous for sneaking all manner of inside jokes into their movies, shows and attractions. These inside jokes include cameos by other characters, recurring visual gags that they put into every movie, and Hidden Mickeys. A Hidden Mickey is basically a hidden image of Mickey Mouse, typically a Mickey head icon, but it can also be a side view of Mickey's head or a full-body silhouette of Mickey. Anyway, I've found quite a few Hidden Mickeys in BLoSC episodes. 

Can you spot a Hidden Mickey among the hieroglyphs on the wall behind XR in this scene from "Ancient Evil"? 

Look at this screenshot from "The Adventure Begins". If you look at the screen on the far left, you can see a Hidden Mickey! 

Where there are bubbl…

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Buzzfan120 Buzzfan120 2 December 2017

New BLoSC forum

Calling all Space Rangers! 

FoxStorm created a new BLoSC forum at this link:

No one's been on this site for a while so I'd like all you BLoSC fans out there to jump in, take part and keep the site running!

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Joshua1014ryan Joshua1014ryan 24 June 2016

I love Watching Buzz Lightyear

I love Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. I love watching the first Buzz Lightyear movie, also the Toy Story movies.

  • Buzz Lightyear 
  • Booster
  • XR
  • Mira Nova
  • Commander Nebula 
  • Evil Emperor Zurg
  • LGMs
  • Warp Darkmatter

  • Star Command 
  • Planet Z
  • Cosmo's
  • Canis Lunis
  • Jo-Ad
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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 6 December 2014


I found this Buzz Lightyear of Star Command forum if anyone's interested

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 2 June 2014


Buzz Lightyear of Star command fan page

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 6 February 2014

New Poll ideas?

Just an idea, the poll on the home page was up for a while, maybe something else should be put up.

Here's my ideas so far

  • Who's your favorite villain?
  • Which of the following species would you rather be? (don't list human as an option, just to keep things interesting)
  • Which character would you like to have seen more often in the show? (minor characters, such as Fop Doppler or Ozma Furbanna)
  • Which of the following planets would you want to live on most?

Anyone else agree we should have a new poll?

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 30 January 2014

Episode online?

Does anyone know where ll the episodes can be found online (and watched without being downloaded)? That would help with the wiki and....well, only a few episodes are on Youtube. It would be nice to find the episodes again.

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TheSitcomLover TheSitcomLover 13 November 2013

Buzz Lightyear of Star Commanding Returning

Will Buzz Lightyear of Star Command ever return with more new seasons and episodes? I liked that show and missed it when it was cancelled in 2001! Hopefully, they will bring it back someday with more episodes to watch!

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BlackSteel BlackSteel 11 November 2012


So, I'm curious. Does anyone want to pitch in and help us edit the wiki? I've noticed we've been getting a lot of lurkers lately, but out of all you guys, does anyone feel like chipping in and helping?

Let us know!

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BlackSteel BlackSteel 26 September 2012

New Poll of the Moment?

I was just thinking that we've had the "Favorite Character" poll up for so long, it's about time we change it to something else. The only question is, change it to what?

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what our next poll should be?

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Ranger-Nova Ranger-Nova 22 September 2012


Since we've had a number of people abuse the comments section in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to post a reminder of what the comments section at the end of each article is (and isn't) for:

It is NOT a place to post inappropriate remarks, make inane observations (someone wrote a post awhile back pointing out all the times we saw Booster in his underwear on the show - seriously?), provide false information about the show and/or pretend to be one of the creators (we had someone do this too once), post links to unrelated websites or any other form of self-advertisement, post about anything that does not in some way relate to the show, or make pointless comments (such as telling us something extremely obvious like, "Warp used to w…

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Ab103 Ab103 22 September 2012

Episode Errors

The Episode pages now have a section for Errors.

This section is to list the animation or continuity errors that occur in episodes. For example, this animation error occurs in "Mira's Wedding":

  • In one frame, Buzz can be seen with no eyes on his face!

Furthermore, "Revenge of the Monsters" has this continuity error:

  • Despite being an episode from Season One, this episode directly references the episode "Wirewolf", a Season Two episode.

Any other such errors of these types should be added to the Errors section of the episode they are found in. For example, do not mention the aforementioned continuity error in "Wirewolf" since the error is only seen in "Revenge of the Monsters".

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Numbuh400 Numbuh400 16 September 2012

Petition for a BLoSC series DVD

Sign this petition if you want a BLoSC series DVD:

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FoxStorm FoxStorm 12 August 2012

The Globe Online Article

Check out this article derived from the The Globe Online newspaper! It looks like someone is a fan of the show. This is an opinion piece, yes, but it is worth mentioning that the show was brought up in an article. Check it out for yourself!

The Weekly Reel Double Feature From the Small Screen to the Silver Screen and Vice Versa

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Ranger-Nova Ranger-Nova 11 August 2012

Listing Episodes

Although there is only one accepted way of listing episode titles in articles, I keep seeing several forms of listing used:

"The Torque Armada"

The Torque Armada

The Torque Armada

The first is the correct way of listing episodes, as explained in the manual of style, but it seems that some people are either unaware of this, or occasionally forget. That's understandable (I do it too sometimes), but would everyone please try to keep the listing consistent? If you are creating an article, give the episodes the proper formatting, and if you come across an incorrectly listed episode, edit it or tell me and I'll edit it.

This doesn't apply to the episodes listed in the "Appearances" section of character articles, by the way.


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BlackSteel BlackSteel 9 March 2012

Episodes on Youtube

Hello, again! Just wanted to let you all know that RadioFreePlanetZ is uploading episodes on Youtube. "The Torque Armada" is actually subtitled, too! So if anyone was wondering where they could get to see the series, wonder no more!

Unfortunately, this is how we'll have to make do with watching the series until it's released on DVD.

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BlackSteel BlackSteel 12 August 2011

BLoSC Forum!

Hi, guys! Steel here again with a little bit of news that might interest you all!

My co-owner and I recently created a BLoSC Forum and we've gotten nearly 25 members signed up already! If there are any fans out there, don't be afraid to come sign up and let us know you exist!

To Infinity and Fandom!

Just sign up and join the fun!

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BlackSteel BlackSteel 4 August 2011

New Editors!

Hello! We seem to be having more activity than usual lately, and by unregistered users too! This is good news for my co-owner and I, for we would appreciate all the editing help we can get. So we'd like to get this message out here that any anonymous editors are encouraged to make accounts so we can more easily edit and navigate the wiki together, as well as make suggestions.

If you have any questions, just drop a comment here or on my talkpage!

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