Alpha 1.png

The Alpha 1 is a prototype spaceship that only appeared in The Adventure Begins.


It resembles a small red jet with a big thruster in the back and a fin at the top, which has three holes through it to help navigate with its side wings and thruster fins. The door is on the side with half-cylindrical modifications lined around the further back of the ship's body. It is mainly red-orange with an orange outside cockpit and wings. It has blue body modifications as well as a yellow color accent around the windows of the cockpit, divided lines at the back of the wings, the Star Command insignia on the door, and a lighting bolt design that stretches horizontally across the sides of the ship and separates the orange cockpit from its white belly underneath.


The Alpha 1 is shown to be able to survive an exploding Star Cruiser and is hard to detect due to its size. It can also land in water in emergencies, in which case balloons inflate all over it, a red emergency light flashes and a siren blares. It also comes with an ejector chair. 

Unfortunately, the Alpha 1 appears to have no weaponry and can only hold one pilot, but it's very mobile.

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