A Zoo Out There
Title card.
Production Information
Original Airdate October 23, 2000
Ep. Number 019
Prod. Code 047
  • Tad Stones
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
Director(s) Don MacKinnon
Story Editor(s) Jesse Winfield
Story by
  • Drew Daywalt
  • David Schneider
Studio Jade Animation International Limited
Series Continuity
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Next Root of Evil
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A Zoo Out There is the nineteenth episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on October 23, 2000, and is the forty-seventh episode in production.


Government officials, along with Mira, Booster and XR, are being kidnapped by the Chlorms. Apparently viewing them all as mere animals, the Chlorms put them in a zoo.


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  • Era calls all of the members of Team Lightyear his "human guinea pigs", despite the fact that Buzz is the only human on the team.

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