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*[[Valkyran guard]]
*[[Valkyran guard]]
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42 01
Production Information
Original Airdate January 13, 2001
Ep. Number 062
Prod. Code 025
  • Tad Stones
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
Director(s) Steve Loter
Story Editor(s) Gary Sperling
Story by
  • John Behnke
  • Rob Humphrey
  • Jim Peterson
Studio Tama Production Co., Ltd.
Series Continuity
Previous Ancient Evil
Next N/A

42 is the sixty-second and last episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on January 13, 2001, and is the twenty-fifth episode in production.


Under construction.


Under construction.



Under construction.


Interestingly enough, this episode was the series finale.


Voice Actors

Production Details

Executive Producers: Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, Tad Stones
Director: Don MacKinnon
Story Editor: Gary Sperling
Written by: John Behnke, Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson

Voice Casting and Dialogue Director: Jamie Thomason

Storyboard: Ryan Anthony, Fred Gonzales
Timing Directors: Dale Case, Bob Zamboni
Sheet Timing: Dale Case, Bob Zamboni
Storyboard Revisions: Alan Wright
Continuity Coordinator: Kathrin Victor
Associate Producer: Natasha Kopp
Production Manager: Zoe Seals
Creative Consultant from Pixar: Jeff Pidgeon
Lead Background Paint: Donna Prince
Color Key Stylist: Janet Cummings
Digital Color Correction: Don Devine
Scanner: Adam Chase
Supervising Character Design: Greg Guler
Character Design: Brian Brookshier, Kenny Thompkins
Key Location Design: Ken McGill, Latchezar Gouchev
Prop Design: Tris Mast, Tom Foxmarnick

CGI Main Title: Pixar Animation Studios

Music By: Adam Berry
Main Title Theme By: Adam Berry

Animation Production By: Tama Production Co., Ltd.

Director: Kiyotaka Kantake
Animation Director: Akira Watanabe
Backgrounds and Camera: Jade Animation Co., Ltd.
Animators: Hiroaki Kawaguchi, Naoki Takahashi, Kazumasa Orii, Aska Tsubuki, Momoko Taylor, Kuniko Yano, Hiroko Yamamoto, Anthony Pohl

Supervising Film Editor: John Royer
First Assistant Film Editor: Jennifer Harrison, Tally Paulos
Pre-Production Dialogue Editor: Monte Bramer
Track Reading: Skip Craig
Post Production Manager: Steven J. Arenas
Post Production Supervisor: Rachel Pusateri
Audio Supervisor: Victor Garcia
Post Production Coordinator: Mark Allen Bollinger
Sound Design: Paca Thomas
Dialogue Editor: Robbi Smith
Music Editor: Marc S. Perlman (M.P.S.E)
Foley: Phyllis Ginter, Kris Daly
Digital Audio Transfer: J. Lampinen
Re-Recording Mixers: James C. Hodson (C.A.S), Melissa Ellis, Fil Brown, Ray Leonard, Michael Beiriger
Supervising Musc Editor: Dominick Certo
On-line Editor: Keith Cook
Production Coordinator: Bill Turner
Production Associate: Carin Cobrae
Production Secretaries: Linda DeLizza, Jessica Farley
Script Coordinator: Dawn T. Connors
Talent Coordinator: David H. Wright III
Production Accountant: Ron J. Earhart

Produced By: Walt Disney Television Animation

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